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The picturesque town of Modra has entered the history thanks good wine, Štúr brothers and pottery industry.

Modra belongs to most important vinicultural centres of the Little Carpathians Region. The grapewine is growing on sunny surrounding slopes since time immemorial. Up to this day a lot of winegrowers are proud of their wine-cellars full of casks with golden vintage. The hard work and harvest from the vineyards is celebrated every year in September at the popular Little Carpathian Wine-Festival.

Modra is used to be called "town of Ľudovít Štúr" or "Štúr`s Modra" as it is tightly connected to life and work of the Štúr brothers, most of all Ľudovít Štúr. Ľudovít came to Modra in 1851 and proceeded here with his literary work. He shot and wounded himself during a hunt and died soon after in 1856. He is buried on Modra`s cemetery.

Fine Ceramicware from Modra - "Slovak Royale Majolica", is known for its good quality and beauty for some hundred years. The products have predominantly white foundation and can be decorated with paintings. Featured designs include harvest, grapes and wine motives. The favourite blue decor is often connected with the name of the town Modra (blue). Hand-crafted, hand-painted and personally signed, each masterpice is a unique expression of its creator. It is exported to the whole world to decorate houses and public places.



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